New Technology for Advanced Patient Convenience

If you are seeking the best in modern dental care, you can count on us at Dental Designs! We believe in using the latest innovations in dental technology in order to make the patient experience more efficient than ever before. We use the progressive CEREC system to create beautiful porcelain veneers and crowns right here in our office.

CEREC technology means that you can walk away from our office with a beautiful new restoration—after just one appointment! If you want to improve the function and aesthetic in your smile within minutes, contact Dental Designs to schedule your CEREC consultation today.

How Does the CEREC System Work?

In the past, patients visited their dentist 2–3 times for dental crown placement. They would undergo messy dental impressions and wear tricky temporary crowns. Then they had to wait several weeks while their crown was designed and manufactured in a lab.

CEREC technology eliminates the discomfort and wait time of traditional restorations. Dr. Brett Farnham, Dr. Kirby Fuerst, and Dr. Erin Fuerst will take high-resolution digital images of your teeth, and use those images to instantly design a customized crown.

We use this information to sculpt a flawless restoration from a block of milled porcelain right here in our office. The entire process requires only one patient visit, and the results are both dazzling and long-lasting!

Committed to Patient Comfort

Your comfort is our first priority at Dental Designs. You should be able to relax throughout your dental experience so that you can truly enjoy your new smile!

We provide patient amenities and technologies that will transform the way you view dentistry. Dr. Brett Farnham, Dr. Kirby Fuerst, and Dr. Erin Fuerst and their team truly care for their patients, and are happy to tailor their treatment to meet your health and comfort standards.

If you are interested in changing a dull, broken, or worn down tooth in a single visit, contact Dental Designs today. We encourage you to call us and give our office a try!